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Amarillo SEO is a series of services provided by 11 Marketing + Design. It was born of necessity by serial entrepreneurs in the ever-changing landscape of search engine marketing. Though founded by Walter Steelman in 2017, his experience dates back to 1997 in the earlier days of website design. Over the years of fine-tuning his method to boost his own website business’ SEO and then working closely with former contractors who worked with Google and Microsoft, he has fine-tuned marketing methods built around the latest industry standards. He has since built a team with a varied set of skills designed to benefit you, the small business owner.

We serve clients in both the local community and nationwide with the best SEO (search engine optimization) services, premium web design, social media management, videography, and even professional photography. We are located in downtown Amarillo, TX with a satellite office in Lubbock, TX. We are a short drive from the Rick Husband International Airport and also Cadillac Ranch. Amarillo is our home and we’re proud to be offering our services here first and foremost.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is primarily a marketing method focused on improving keywords visibility in organic search results.

Amarillo Web Design Company

Without a decent website design, your customers won’t take you very seriously. Get professional  Web Design and Mentorships.

Boost SEO Ranking in Amarillo

Sometimes, your search engine optimization efforts need a little shot in the arm. We can help you build your local authority.

Social Media Management

We aren’t here to judge. You run a business and it gets busy, sometimes you need help with social media marketing.


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Local SEO Boosts

That’s not all. We continually coach, mentor, and teach some of our clients how to handle their own marketing and ongoing online operations. We’re big fans of DIY marketing and remember what it was like when we first started this kind of work. We also offer our clients the benefit of our network of over 100 vendors who help us offer a special value that otherwise you wouldn’t have available.

Our network offers a variety of services that are often deeply discounted solely for the benefit of our clients to give them a fighting edge in their respective marketplaces. If you’re looking for quality that is nicer than many of the commodity brokers out there, then we’d be delighted to help you out. Our services cover more than just the best SEO available.

Set Your Business Apart from the Herd

Affordable advertising opportunities, affordable printing services, and savings on pretty much everything we can provide.

Get exclusive offers on all of our services that we don’t announce anywhere else. We can get you real buying power as a small business through our cooperative of vendors. These are REAL Exclusive Offers on Marketing for Your Business!

Meet the Team

We have an extremely diversified team prepared to provide you with a variety of services should you need them. Providing some of the best SEO services in town takes a village. We offer a widely varied set of skills to give small to medium sized businesses an edge over their larger competitors. We love elevating your business!

Walter Steelman, Amarillo's Best SEO Company
Amarillo SEO



Though he wears many hats, he has a passion for design, strategy, and great underdog stories. Only likes hashtags because they resemble waffles.

Tyler Mitchell, Graphic Design Guru
Tyler Mitchell, Amarillo Graphic Designer and Visual Commando


lead designer

Award-winning designer extraordinaire. This guy has honed almost 20 years experience into a well-oiled machine. Prefers his puns intended.

Kelsey Peeples, Amarillo Photographer
Amarillo Photographer, Kelsey Peeples



Photographer and chief of the unicorn division, her images are sizzling. She has a flair for landscapes, fashion, and a sixth sense about capturing moments.

Areas We Serve

Even though we are located in the heart of Amarillo, we do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) everywhere. That’s the beauty of our model. We can help businesses everywhere. We help people foster their businesses all across the country, but we really love our local community and are constantly striving to help folks raise the barré here. The Panhandle is our home and we’re here to serve this city and the surrounding areas first.

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