SEO Audits are Necessary for Understanding why your website ranks in some places and not so much in others.

SEO Audit & Consulting Services

SEO is best described as the process of getting your website to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Search engines rank your site, but SEO is the result of making your website valuable for visitors, who could turn into potential customers.

Our SEO audits compare your website against a checklist and suggests what needs to be fixed and what needs to change so that your site’s search engine performance is improved. As a small business, you must ensure that everything you invest in returns value on your investment. If you spend resources and money on SEO services, you need to be certain that your site’s performance online is improving by tracking your progress on a regular basis. Each search engine optimization effort should yield desirable results in the long term. Search engines have to consider so many factors when determining rankings for specific searches. According to Google, the most popular search engine, will recognize more than 200 elements when ranking sites for particular keywords.

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A website performance audit is the first step in identifying where your site can use some polishing and where your greatest window for online opportunities exist. You site performance report gives you the basic information for understanding how to raise the barré and deliver the best impact for your business.

360 Degree Marketing Metrics

In general websites have a ton of moving parts, but you need to track your performance on the web. Through SEO analysis, we can gain insights about the root causes of poor search engine rankings and create strategies for higher rankings. Our 360 degree approach examines metrics that most of our competition overlooks for the most part.

Website Structure Strategy

Website structure refers to how your website is designed hierarchically and how cohesively your pages link to each other and to the search engines. While a user’s experience may show your site to be navigable, an excellent site architecture supports an ongoing conversation.


Keyword Analysis

Arguably one of the most pivotal parts of our process, careful keyword analysis will reveal the hidden keywords or search phrasings that deliver visitors to your site by way of organic searches. The information we gather here is about tailoring results to what your customers are looking for.

Competitor Analysis

In today’s marketplace, proper competitor analysis is necessary for the livelihood and longevity of any small business. Researching your competitors allows us to learn what factors they use to rank for your keywords. We build SEO strategies to get you to the first page as quickly as possible.

The Importance of Website Audits

Most people are comfortable building a website with one of those free website builders and just crossing their fingers. This process isn’t just relevant for when you hire an SEO company to help your site rank better. Working with an internet marketing service always begins with a discovery audit if they are doing their job appropriately. Website audits benefit any business intending to improve its online presence. Identifying problems with site structure are an excellent starting point for improving technical website performance.

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Anatomy of an SEO Audit

There are quite literally hundreds of factors involved for positively ranking elements at the heart of every SEO project. It is essential that every factor be checked for every SEO campaign to ensure the highest level of success possible. Amarillo SEO helps you get an impartial analysis of your website and a free estimation.


Technical Analysis

If you want to improve your website’s rankings, then having a search engine friendly site is critical. Certain elements make it difficult for search engines to crawl your website. For example, having the proper SEO Schema markup and site coding can be a major stumbling block. Your site’s load speed can be another big ranking factor. Quality coding should be essential.


Page Level Analysis

During the course of an SEO audit analysis, we consider regular elements of your website’s structure. Suddenly, page titles, heading tags, meta tags, robots.txt and the implementations of CSS and JavaScript all carry a lot of weight. We also look into common best practices and make sure the necessities like sitemaps and link navigations systems are all in place to enhance your internal linking.


Website Content Analysis

Content on your website is the whole reason your built a site in the first place, right? You can imagine how important that is as an audit metric. Is it readable and does it communicate effectively with both your audience and with search engines? We can help to identify problem spots that may need a little further exploration and help you drive more traffic on an organic basis.


Link Building

On the occasion that a website has participated in any low-quality link building approaches, it shows up in our free SEO analysis services. We are always happy to help you initiate a healthy link building strategy that is effective for your website. Link building is always quality over quantity and low quality links from other sites can actually diminish your website’s overall ranking in different areas.


Social Media Integration

Welcome to keeping up with the Joneses! Social media signals are likely the most effective way of ranking your website. Using social media will boost conversion rates and build your brand online. Not to mention the obvious fact that there’s a large group of customers you are targeting that likely spend multiple hours daily on social networking sites. Our social media services can help turn this around.


Citation Analysis

Citation analysis or more commonly, citation audits, are a thorough analysis of all the places we can find that offer any information about your business online. If anything is incorrect, that diminishes your online search presence. These citations are the precious currency that gets your site ranking and they never stop being the fastest way that we can help our customers get higher ranking placements.

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